Capital Improvement Board

Guiding Principles

There is a vast array of capital projects and initiatives that can be developed to benefit the community — many of these endeavors are already reaping excellent results. We are resolved to invest in projects that will create the greatest impact on the economic prosperity of Allen County.

To that end, the CIB abides by statutes set forth by the State of Indiana for funding. Applicants must meet these statutes in order to be considered. Additionally, we have developed guiding principles for your consideration. We strongly encourage applicants to align their projects with as many of the guiding principles as possible.

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For a convenient reference while developing your proposal, click here to download a document of the guiding principles.


Create high-wage,
high-skill jobs

This is the CIB's primary guiding principle. We will invest in projects and opportunities that will directly or indirectly create, attract and/or retain high-quality jobs in Allen County. The CIB expects applicants to place a high priority on helping Allen County increase the collective personal income of our residents and the overall financial strength of our community.

Capital funding for
Allen County

Funding must be used exclusively for capital projects in Allen County. Operational and program funding requests will not be considered.

Total project budget
of $1,000,000
or greater

The CIB is focused on investing in large-scale projects that will create opportunities for as many Allen County residents as possible. To that end, requested funding should generally be used on a project with a total cost of $1,000,000 or more. We will selectively review proposals with a lower total project cost, depending on the potential impact.

Bona fide need

Funding commitments will generally be for projects not yet under development where CIB involvement is vital to the projects' implementation.

Return on/of investment

The CIB intends to be a lasting resource of capital for transformational projects. Funding structures providing for recapture of all or a portion of the CIB's investment are encouraged.

Leverage other

The funding provided by the CIB will not address the many needs of our community without additional support. The CIB expects applicants to leverage other public, private and/or foundational assets.

Align priorities with
established economic
development plans

We encourage applicants to form community partnerships by fostering a multi-organizational approach to their project’s development and implementation. We recommend applicants align their goals with Allen County’s economic development agencies.


The CIB requires applicants to demonstrate that a project will be viable.

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