Capital Improvement Board

Purpose of the CIB

The Capital Improvement Board (CIB) is helping to build a stronger economy, creating, attracting and retaining high-quality jobs, and improving the lives of citizens in Allen County.


Authorized by the State of Indiana (IC-36-10-8 & IC-6-9-33), the CIB oversees the disbursement of Allen County Supplemental Food & Beverage Tax. The CIB will use these funds to facilitate capital projects that promote a vibrant, 21st century economy in Allen County. For more information on the operations of the CIB click here.

An Extraordinary Opportunity

Allen County has the opportunity to use the capital funding available to accelerate our emergence as a premier community in which to live, work and invest. The funding available through the CIB will be used to proactively engage economic opportunities and develop, attract and retain top-tier professional talent.

This website has been created to serve as your access point for information and details about the capital improvement funding opportunities available. We have developed guiding principles to aid in developing your proposal. Proposals that comply with the State of Indiana’s statutes for CIB funding and abide by the guiding principles are invited to apply. We are eager to learn how your capital project will become a catalyst for thoughtful, positive, sustainable and meaningful changes in Allen County.

Ready to get started? First, learn about the guiding principles for grant applicants.